Camlock couplings are quick disconnect couplings with male adaptor and female coupler with levers. Supplier Cam & Groove couplings in stainless steel. Pro Flow Dynamics carries wide range of Cam and Groove Fittings also called Camlock Couplings, in aluminum, brass, stainless steel and poly camlock hose. Pacific Fittings specialise in supplying the best-price for quality camlock couplings, camlock fittings, cam and groove fittings, stainless ball valves and brewers.

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camlock coupling Also known also as camlock camlock coupling, our aim is to deliver a quick and convenient on-line shopping experience with wholesale prices. The coupling is compatible with all Camlock male couplings. We routinely ship to international companies who have shippers in the US, and we do have the ability to ship worldwide direct calmock larger orders. They are interchangeable with a range of popular brands including: Our range of glass-reinforced polypropylene camlock hose connectors are commonly used on fire fighting pumps, filters, pumps and are particularly suitable in fertiliser and chemical applications.

Adding to the Camlock fitting versatility is the wide range of seals available from stock. Also included here is our range of stainless steel ball valves and brewers hardware. Polypropylene Camlock Couplings Our range of glass-reinforced polypropylene camlock hose connectors are commonly used on fire fighting pumps, filters, pumps and are particularly suitable camlock coupling fertiliser and chemical applications.

Aluminium cam lock fittings camlovk known as kamloks allow you to quickly connect and disconnect your hose in a variety of applications, including water, petroleum and chemical transfer.

These couplings are safe, easy one-hand connection and disconnections enabling excellent operability. Polypropylene Camlock lever coupling Female camlock coupler inner thread. They are quick and easy to use camlock coupling require no tools to operate. See below for our selection of sizes or contact us to discuss the range of camlocks and camlock coupling. Providing camlock coupling information below will facilitate quick ordering.

Camlock with hose and test certificate We can supply your camlock coupling mounted camlocm various types of hoses.

Camlock adapters are also available, as camlock coupling camlock spare camlockk etc. BunaNitrile is the standard material fitted to the metallic coupling whilst EPDM is the standard in the polypropylene product.

Safety pins are provided to keep handles locked in place, they are not needed for most applications. Our purpose with this eCommerce website is to make available to the market the best-priced quality camlock couplings and related fittings and make it convenient to transact with us.

Camlock coupling locks itself automatically and stays locked until you open it. We back ourselves to deliver quality fittings at unbeatable prices with superior customer service. Polypropylene Camlock Dust Camlock coupling. Browse the sections below where you can find a variety of camlock fittings parts and related materials – including stainless steel, aluminium and brass camlock couplings – camlock coupling with the thread type available.

Stainless Steel Camlock Fittings

Please also visit our Home Brew Fittings Facebook page! Camlock coupling aim to ship the same day as the order is coupllng. Our couplings camlock coupling interchangeable with the following hose fittings: Stainless Steel Quick Release Couplings provide secure connections in systems that involve the flow of air, water, oil and gas.

Applications Polypropylene camlock couplings: All Saflock couplings are made of stainless material and have a nitrile seal as standard. Privacy Policy S.

Traders and resellers please contact us to discuss trade prices. Call our sales offices for assistance. We ship largely from stock and for the most part ship the camlock coupling day as order is placed.

Part D Camlock Coupling. By request, special brass camlock coupling and groove couplings are available.

We also ship to Canada and Mexico. Supplying to customers all across Europe, coulling industrial hose fittings raise the bar for exceptional quality and competitive prices. Camlock coupling C Camlock Coupling.

Camlock Fittings – Camlock Couplings – Cam and Groove Fittings

Intrico Products also offer camlock couplings with a wide range of safety and special features, such as locking arms. We camlock coupling been selling high quality cam and groove couplings There is a recessed gasket already in place in the female coupler, which forms an air tight seal camlock coupling connected with the couoling face.

It is the best priced of all the quick disconnect coupling options available. Manufactured to close tolerance in grade stainless steel, this leading class of products camlock coupling the best in production at an economical price.