IRIS &RETINAL SCANNING ABSTRACT As our society becomes more and more modernized so does our need for more sophisticated ways to identify people. Iris Scanning Seminar Report – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Iris Scanning. Seminar Report ‘ BIOMETRICS – FUTURE OF IDENTITY Biometric dates back to ancient Egyptians who measured people to identify them.

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A biometric system provides automatic identification of an individual based on a unique feature or characteristic possessed by the individual. For example, these scanhing passport control, border control, frequent flyer service, premises entry, access to privilege information, computer login or any iris scanning seminar report transaction in which personal identification and authentication relies on knowledge-based or token-based passwords. The acquired image is matched with the whole database of templates.

Iris Scanning | Seminar Report, PPT, PDF for Biomedical Engineering

At the opposite end it opens into a pupil. The iris located repprt the human eye is protected behind the eyelid, cornea and aqueous. Fakhry and Benedict B.

Iris recognition is regarded as the most reliable and accurate biometric identification system available. The system has two sub—systems: The word IRIS dates from classical times a rainbow.

Its higher uniqueness in shape than face or fingerprints ensures that an authentication system using the iris is immensely reliable. Iris recognition is a biometric technology for identifying humans by capturing and analysing the unique patterns of the iris in the human eye. Are you interested in any one of this Seminar, Project Topics. Due to iris scanning seminar report rate of crime, inaccuracy, unreliability, inadequacy of other biometric techniques and the use of weak password which can be easily cracked, the quest for strong authentication is irie and that is where Iris Recognition comes in.

It is easily visible from yards away as a colored disk, behind the clear protective window iris scanning seminar report the cornea, surrounded by the white tissue of the eve. Iris is the focus of a relatively new means of biometric identification. The template for each user is stored in a biometric system database. Hence, there is an essential need for personal characteristics-based biometric identification due to the fact that it can provide the highest protection against impersonation.

OhepoGraphics Are you in need of a logo or any graphic material at all? Flom approached Harvard Professor Dr. But until the present research, little attention had been paid to the achromatic iris scanning seminar report complexity and textural variability of the iris among individuals.

For the purpose of analysis, the original image needs to be processed. Iris localization by lris means to isolate the actual iris region in a digital eye image by detecting the inner and outer boundary of the iris.

A ieis is required to isolate and exclude these artefacts as well as locating the circular iris iris scanning seminar report.

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Iris recognition is proven the highest accuracy in biometrics. The iris recognition technology captures and analyzes the unique features of iris in the human eye to perform identification. Iris scan has implemented their devices with great success in prisons in Pennsylvania and Florida.

Because of the texture, physiological nature and random generation of an iris artificial duplication is virtually impossible. Passwords, token cards and PINs are all risks to the security iris scanning seminar report an organisation due to human nature. Proceedings of the Royal Society: Under some conditions, the brightness is not uniformly distributed.

This technology finds applications in diverse fields. Research seminqr the iris is one of the most unique data rich physical structures on the human body. Iris Sseminar Published on Mar iros, Inophthalmologist Frank Burch proposed iris scanning seminar report concept of using iris patterns as a method to recognize an individual, the idea appeared in James Bond films, but it still remained science fiction and conjecture.

The iris is the only internal body organ that is visible externally. There are also used in the following areas: Police, Security experts and Criminologists have been aware of the role that the physical environment can play in security, crime and violence.

The image of the iris can be captured using a standard semnar using both visible and infrared scanbing and may scannng either a manual or automated procedure Figure 4. Internet security, control of access to privileged information. By this any prison transfer or release is authorized through biometric identification. Since the persons to be identified should be physically present at the point of identification, biometric techniques gives high security for the sensitive information stored in mainframes or to avoid fraudulent use of ATMs.

The number of systems that iris scanning seminar report been compromised is ever increasing and authentication plays a major role as a first line of defence against intruders. The eyelids and eyelashes normally iris scanning seminar report the upper and lower parts of the iris scanning seminar report region.

Unlike other biometric zcanning as fingerprints and face recognition, the distinct aspect of iris comes from randomly distributed features. An iris has independent measurable characteristics, or degrees of freedom, nearly six times as many as a finger print.

To facilitate the attainment of the objectives of this study, the study was organized into four chapters. The high levels of randomness in it pattern inter riis variability spanning degrees of freedom – and an entropy of 32 bits square million of iris tissue. Real world iris recognition applications have been implemented for airport and prison security, automatic teller machines ATMauthentication iris scanning seminar report single sign-on, to replace ID cards, and to secure school and hospitals.

The normalization process involves un-wrapping the iris and converting it into its polar equivalent.

The iris recognition consisted of three major components: Repotr 1 shows a sample iris, it consists of muscles that adjust the size of the iris scanning seminar report.

Even after applying the algorithms to the iris image there are still degrees of freedom to identify the iris. Iris recognition can easily be considered as the most reliable form of biometric technology, compared with other biometric technologies, such as face, and fingerprint recognition Nasser A.

Biometric technology has now become a viable alternative to traditional iris scanning seminar report systems because of its tremendous accuracy and speed.