Geared Synchronous Servomotors with Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Units F.. motors and variable speed geared motors can be found in separate catalogs. Search in SEW-EURODRIVE catalogs and technical brochures on SEW- EURODRIVE logo Gear units and motors in a modular system Gearmotors. Catalog. Phone: – Fax: – Web: The noise levels of all SEW-EURODRIVE gear units, motors and gearmotors are .

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Chose your ideal drive from standard, servo, adjustable, stainless steel, or explosion-proof gearmotors. The possible applications for gearmotors are exceptionally varied.

Gearmotors and Frequency Inverters.

The nameplate that every gearmotor must have has to list the permitted voltage range for the rated data required.

Just send us a message with your questions. The gear unit therefore functions as a converter of speed and torque.

The speed can be seamlessly adjusted either using a handwheel or remote control. Multi-stage gear unit reduction ratio.

Products and solutions Our modular system The new flip page catalog “Products and Solutions ” gives you a quick overview. With that in mind, the design of the gear unit determines whether a gearmotor is suitable for sew eurodrive gear motor catalog, medium or heavy loads and for short or long power-applied hours.

These features transmit the force of the motor from the input end to sew eurodrive gear motor catalog output end. The primary factor in determining the type of gearmotor is the direction of flow force of the gear unit. We refer to a reduction ratio or gear ratio based on whether a gear unit steps down or steps up the incoming speed from the motor called the input speed.

Do you have a specific request and need assistance? Gear unit reduction ratio.

Gearmotors and Motors Catalogs

You can also create versatile combinations with sew eurodrive gear motor catalog gear units cagalog our standard range and our servomotors to configure and optimize the individual drives in your plant.

Accessories and Options for Motors. In the automotive industry you can find gearmotors throughout the manufacturing process, from the press shop to final assembly. Convenient training to suit you We offer training sessions to sew eurodrive gear motor catalog your knowledgebase on inverters and mechatronic motors both on-site or at one of our regional offices.

Essentially, operation on a V grid requires a star connection, whereas a delta connection should be used for the lower voltage V. Explosion-proof helical-worm gearmotors S. By continuing to use this website you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Closed After Hours Service The central role in the gearmotor is performed by the gear unit and its gear unit stages, the gear pairs.

Helical-bevel planetary gear units gearmotors bear to kNm P. Helical and helical-bevel gear units up to kNm. Their surface, which is optimized for cleaning, and their fanless design also ensures that no dirt can become lodged in any recesses. Without gearmotors, the entire global economy would come to a standstill. C series planetary servo gear units. Our gearmotor modular system is oriented towards the diversity of your application areas.

Explosion-proof helical-bevel servo gear units BS.

Online Support | SEW-EURODRIVE

Since then, the gearmotor has sew eurodrive gear motor catalog developed further and further and new types of gear unit have been invented. Explosion-proof helical-bevel gear units K.

For applications in which the drive speed geag to be seamlessly adjusted, our mechanical variable speed gearmotors come into play. Contact Please enter your postcode to find the corresponding contact person. The reduction ratios afforded by the helical-worm gear stage and the low noise levels during operation make these gearmotors ideal low-cost motog for simple applications. F series helical-bevel servo gear units PS.

Egar industrial production, they drive a countless number of conveyor lines, lift and lower loads, and move the widest variety of different goods from A to B in all types of systems.

Drive System for Decentralized Installation. Standard gearmotors Servo gearmotors Variable sew eurodrive gear motor catalog gearmotors Stainless steel gearmotors Explosion-proof gearmotors. Explosion-proof helical gearmotors R.

The majority of our standard gearmotors and servo gearmotors are available as explosion-proof gearmotors that comply with local regulations throughout the world. Helical-bevel Gearmotor K Series. Accessories and options for controllers Controller for mofor cabinet installation. Helical-worm servo gearmotors S. They are therefore powerful and safe drives that provide the high performance required even in potentially explosive atmospheres with air and gas or air and dust mixtures.

He invented the “Vorlegemotor” geared motor. Helical-bevel servo gearmotors BS. Your product has a failure and you sew eurodrive gear motor catalog support? Consistent performance, long life, and reliability are fundamental to Bodine designs. We’ll be glad to motorr you.

The speed ratio i between the input speed sew eurodrive gear motor catalog output speed of the gear unit serves as a measure of this. Helical and helical-bevel gear units up to 65 kNm Catakog Series: