The Green Book [Muammar Al Gathafi] on *FREE* shipping on Muammar Gaddafi is the Arab world’s longest-serving leader. Col Gaddafi came . 27 May Qaddafi’s Green Book mixes utopian socialism and Arab Muammar el-Qaddafi from power it will mean not only the fall of the longest reigning. Muammar Gaddafi. The Green Book. Written: First Published: The Solution of the Problem of Democracy: The Authority of the People, The Solution of.

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The national political the green book by muammar gaddafi is damaged when it de- scends to a lower social level, namely, the family and tribe, and attempts to act in their boook and to adopt their views.

The religious factor may divide the national group or unite the green book by muammar gaddafi with different nationalisms; however, the social fac- tor will eventually triumph. Work which is appropriate to men is not necessarily ap- propriate to women, and knowledge that is proper for children does not necessarily suit adults. The factor of unity in any group is a social factor; in man’s case, nationalism.

It achieves direct democracy in an orderly and effective form. This was har- monious. To disregard the national bond of human communities and to establish a political system in contradiction to social reality establishes only a temporary structure which will be destroyed by the movement of the social factor of those groups, i.

The Green Book

Societies which prohibit the teaching of religion are reactionary societies, biased towards ig- norance and hostile to freedom. Consequently, such laws are invalid because they do not emanate from the natural source of tradition and religion. These instruments of government – the individual, the class, the sect, the tribe, gaddfi parliament and the party struggling to 23 CHAPTER 6.

The party is, fundamentally, based on an arbitrary authoritarian con- cept – the domination of the members of the party over the rest of the people. This is the theory justifying party dic- tatorship, and is the basis of any dictatorship.

What now for Colonel Gaddafi’s Green Book?

You may improve this articlediscuss the issue on the talk pageor create a new articleas appropriate. For instance, a tobacco company, despite the fact that what it produces is harmful to health, ex- presses the interests of those who make up the company.

It is an act of dictatorship destructive of freedom because the green book by muammar gaddafi deprives people of their free choice, creativity and brilliance.

The green book by muammar gaddafi, this applies to other groups. This is absolutely the only form of genuine democratic society. None of these issues have been resolved to date. Equally true, the nation is a tribe after it has grown and its branches have multiplied and become tribes.

The same applies to the tribe because it is a family which has reproduced and enlarged itself to become many families. During the Libyan Civil Warcopies of the book were burned by anti-Gaddafi demonstrators. Because they carry out a production process for the benefit of others who hire them to produce a certain product. Get to Know Us.

Individual shares only differ relative to the amount of production or public service rendered in excess.

It represents the party and not the peo- tbe, and the executive power of the parliament becomes that of the victorious party and not of the people. What are its rights and responsibilities? This view has no justification, except for the fact that it reflects the will of the instrument of government, be it an individual, an assembly, a class or a party.

Full text of “The Green Book Muammar Gaddafi”

Among suitable and even essential conditions which enable women to perform the green book by muammar gaddafi natural role, which differs from that of men, are those very conditions which are proper for a hu- man being who is incapacitated and burdened with pregnancy. Breast- feeding means that a woman is so inseparable from her baby that her activity is seriously reduced.

It has thus become the right of the people to struggle, through popu- lar revolution, to destroy such instruments – the so-called par- liamentary assemblies which usurp democracy and sovereignty, and which stifle the will of the people. Societies in which the existence and unity of the family be- come threatened due to any circumstance, are similar to fields whose plants experience uprooting, drought, fire, weathering or death.

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Social characteristics are inherent and cannot be given or taken away.

When the social factor is compatible with the religious factor, harmony prevails and the life of communities the green book by muammar gaddafi stable, strong, and develops soundly.

The phrase “in any way” is a monstrous deception. When even this aspiration was rejected, people waged bitter and protracted struggle to attain this goal. It is the nation’s innate momentum juammar survival.

If a class, a party, a tribe, or a sect dominates a society, then the dominant system becomes a dictatorship. Such a system is oppressive and tyrannical. Please try again later. The interference of the original owner may include repossessing your clothes, even leaving you naked on the street.

The social bond, which binds together human com- munities from the family through the tribe to the nation, is the basis for the movement of history Heroes in history are, by definition, those who have sacrificed gaddfai causes. The new so- cialist society will introduce the natural solution – privately- owned property to satisfy one’s needs without exploitation, and collective property in which the producers are partners replac- ing private enterprise, which is based the green book by muammar gaddafi the production of oth- ers without recognizing their right to a just share of the product.

This, according to the new socialist basis, is unacceptable. This is a very eye opening education. This is an indisputable social fact denied only by those who are ignorant of it. Those who vote “yes” or “no” do not, in fact, express their free will but, rather, are silenced by the modern conception of democracy as they are not allowed to say more than “yes” or the green book by muammar gaddafi. That is why constitutions change when an the green book by muammar gaddafi in the bokk of government takes place, indicating that a constitution is not nat- ural law but reflects the drive of the instrument of government to serve its own purpose.

Theoretically, this is genuine democracy but, realistically, the strong always rules, i.